Cannery Square I & II Condominiums are located in beautiful downtown Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison. As part of a larger downtown development including condos, businesses, apartments and the town square, both developments provide excellent walkable access to restaurants, shops, the town square, and city parks.

Residents of Cannery Square I & II Condominiums can access a private owners-only page for copies of board meeting minutes, association governing documents, capital project updates, and a calendar of upcoming events.

CANNERY SQUARE I & II Condominiums currently for sale:

Currently, there are no units available for sale at Cannery Square I or Cannery Square II. 

(Last Updated: 07/20/2017)

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About Caribou Property Management

Caribou has been working with Cannery Square I & II Condominiums since the Fall of 2016, focusing on maintaining the physical property and the association's fiscal health all while increasing the overall value of the association. Learn more about Caribou Property Management.