Term of Employment: Caribou Property Management is seeking a full time accountant to coordinate new employee onboarding, payroll processes, accounts receivable, accounts payable and monthly financial transfers. 

Scope of Work: Caribou Property Management offers several hundred rental properties to prospective tenants all over Dane County. This includes Single Family Homes, Condominiums for rent, Duplexes, and multi-family apartment buildings. Broad descriptions of work include: coordinating with departments to process biweekly payroll, logging into bank account bill-pay system for processing invoices, reconciling field team-member credit card statements, overseeing internal invoicing team, and coordinating fund transfers for property owners. 

Work Requirements: Associate’s degree in Accounting is required. In addition, the Accountant should have a laptop configured with Outlook and a reliable cell phone. This is an entry-level position in a rapidly expanding company, so expect a position with plenty room for growth over the next several months.

Please submit your resume to the below email address, with the subject line "Accountant Employment Inquiry".