The Upper Deck of the Clubhouse is available for private use by all owners on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The calendar on the right indicates any current reservations (note: new reservations will not show up immediately). Please use the form below to submit your reservation request. Your request will be confirmed by our team shortly thereafter.


Upper Deck Reservation Calendar


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Owner reserving the Upper Deck agrees to comply with all applicable Association Bylaws and Rules (“Rules”) and agrees that all guests on the Association property as a result of this event observe and comply with all such Rules. Owner understands that any minors on the premises shall be supervised at all times. Owner agrees that reservation of the Upper Deck does not entitle Owner or guest(s) to the use of the indoor pool and spa, the outdoor pool and spa, or any other Clubhouse facilities. Owner understands that use of the indoor or outdoor pool facilities is limited to six (6) people unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors no less than one (1) month prior to the event. Reservation is a request only and is not valid until the security deposit has been paid and the reservation confirmed by Caribou Property Management. Owner agrees to be responsible for any damages to the Upper Deck caused by Owner or guests, or otherwise resulting from the use of the Upper Deck except ordinary wear and tear. Owner agrees that the amount of any such damage shall be deducted from the security deposit and that any damages in excess of the security deposit may be collected from Owner as an additional special assessment. Owner agrees to indemnify and hold the Association harmless from any and all claims, liability, costs or damages caused by, or resulting from acts of guests and invitees.