Sample Association: An introduction to your Association, along with selling points, can go a long way to helping others understand what yu are about and attract prospective buyers.  This public page helps create a sense of community and a "one-stop-shop" for Association needs. 



Residents of your association will have access to a private web-page that provides copies of the association's previous meeting minutes, relevant association documents (by-laws, declarations, rules & regs, etc.), a calendar of upcoming events, and more. The private page is password protected, ensuring that only those needing this sensitive information will receive it. 

About Caribou Property Management

Caribou has been working with your association since January 2017, focusing on maintaining the physical property and the association's fiscal health all while increasing the overall value of the association. With a dedicated Board of Directors, your association is in better shape than ever with improved grounds and a strong sense of community. Learn more about Caribou Property Management.