Caribou has special pricing available for apartment complexes of buildings with 40+ units. This bulk pricing is a flat 5% of collected monthly rent , with no lease success fees to ever be charged. Like all properties we manage, Caribou will only charge the 5% fee for units that are filled - this keeps us working hard to make sure your building maintains a 100% capacity. 

With new constructions, Caribou will work to fill your building while it is still being built at no charge, as long as a 3-year management contract is signed. Caribou wants to make sure your building is filled at an affordable price, and will only charge our 5% management fee once your tenants have actually begun paying rent for their apartment.

Caribou has the experience and familiarity with downtown luxury apartment management, and is ready to be a partner in your investment. We know you may want to keep your existing branding for your apartment building, and will work with you to maintain that consistency. Contact us today for more information!



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