Caribou Property Management, LLC provides Condominium Owner Association (COA) and Home Owner Association (HOA) services to communities looking for an organized approach to managing their residential assets. We will perform a variety of tasks, depending on the needs of your HOA and the directives of the board. Caribou Property Management will always work at the direction of the board, taking action on tasks we have been given authority to perform. Our team will maintain great communication, responding to most association inquiries within 24-hours. 


Management Services

  • A dedicated association staff, independent from our rental services. Our team understands associations and increases their experience daily.
  • Uniformly educate and enforce rules and regulations for homeowners. This will ensure that no homeowner can make changes to a property that will negatively influence the community or value of the association.
  • Review current vendors, including insurance providers, for pricing fairness and assure quality work of the desired scope.
  • Coordinate contractors and trade professionals on large scale projects around the property. Gathering enough estimates is not a problem.
  • Report on necessary capital repairs to the board (for both short and long-term planning).
  • Oversee upgrades and renovations as approved by the board.
  • Take care of any emergency issues: your residents can contact us, 24/7.
  • Collect HOA dues promptly and effectively.
  • Present detailed monthly accounting statements for the board, including budget comparisons, delinquent reports, and a detailed summary of expenses.
  • Work with appropriate professionals to prepare proper tax reports and statements.
  • With your approval, we can contact our association-savvy attorneys for help with forced foreclosures, Department of Housing and Urban Development complaints, advice regarding enforcement of rules & regulations, and much more.
  • Prompt response times on very specific questions regarding Bylaws and
    Declarations, from our extensive knowledge over the field. No more waiting weeks for a simple response.
  • Impartial when resolving home/condo owner disputes. Everyone is treated fair & equally when enforcing rules and regulations around the property.

Custom-Built Website

  • Caribou will build your Home Owners Association (HOA) its own website, where members of your community can securely log in and view what meetings, events, and maintenance will be occurring around the association.
  • This website will also provide reminders of the policies and rules of your association, ensuring all members are up-to-date on the latest changes within your community. 
  • Each individual unit in your community will have its own unique user name and password, where residents can view their own ledger and access files that Caribou has uploaded for them, such as policies, rules, and addenda.  
  • Along with the website, Caribou will create a unique distribution email list, where all members can be contacted easily, as well as an email address where members of your individual community can directly contact our managers working with your HOA.

Conference Room Availability

  • Caribou has access to professional conference rooms that can fit anywhere from 6 to 125 people. These conference rooms are available for your HOA board meetings or even large-scale association meetings so you may include all of your residents.
  • These conference rooms offer several amenities, including the opportunity for presentations with audio/visual equipment, desks for note taking, and more.
  • Holding your association meetings off-site can be a great option for those looking to obtain a neutral location for engaging discussion at low cost.